Step 1

Look where the roof meets the walls of the house. This is a good location because it shelters the cameras from the elements (Wind, rain, snow and sun).

  Step 2

Now you need to find a point of entrance from the outside of the house to the inside. Most homes have an attic which is a great place to run all your RG59 lines into.

  Step 3

From the attic, designate one location for your DVR and Monitor to be stationed.

  Step 4

If you purchased the RG59 cable with the BNC connections already attached to the line then at this point you would connect it to the DVR. If you purchased a bulk roll of RG59 without connections you would need to purchase the BNC connections and crimp each end on, then connect it to the DVR.

  Step 5

You can get a power supply box and plug all power lines into the power supply and from there you have only one power line which goes into the outlet.

  Step 6

Now that you have your video and power lines connected all you need to do is power the DVR and attach a Monitor to the DVR (Of course the monitor also needs power).

  Step 7

Again, this can be an easy and entertaining project once you have armed yourself with the correct information.

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